Innovative thinking and implementing the change in daily life has been the key of human evolution! And to simplify life and add ease to it, modern technology always played a vital role.

With this thought in mind we have been successfully serving & executing complex projects in the field of heating & cooling since 1976. And now our values and consistency to achieve more has driven us to come up with new innovative product range “ELECTROMAGNETIC DRYING & HEATING EQUIPMENTS ”( MICROWAVE & RADIO FREQUENCY ) with our experienced team of physicist , PhD’s, Scientists and engineers working with their experience to develop energy efficient systems in the field of HF Heating . Along with technical guidance from A.M.P.E.R.E. (Association for Microwave Power in Europe for Research and Education, Europe ) and the faculty members of engineering from reputed university in the UK.

What is Modern Heating Technology?
Unlike conventional Heating and Drying techniques E-Drying uses RF (Radio Frequencies) & MW (Microwaves). Instead of heating the entire target substance or its container body HF-Drying & Heating uses High Frequency Radio/Microwaves ( 27.12 MHz/2450 MHz) as per ISM Standards which give very high efficiency compared to any techniques available for commercial use.

Principles of Heating :
Dielectric heating, also known as electronic heating, RF heating, high-frequency heating and diathermy, is the process in which a high-frequency alternating electric field, or radio wave or microwave electromagnetic radiation heats a dielectric material. At higher frequencies, this heating is caused by molecular dipole rotation within the dielectric. At lower frequencies in conductive fluids, other mechanisms such as ion-drag are more important in generating thermal energy.

RF dielectric heating at intermediate frequencies, due to its greater penetration over microwave heating, shows greater promise than microwave systems as a method of very rapidly heating and uniformly preparing certain food items, and also killing parasites and pests in certain harvested crops.

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