Food Industry


Applications in the Food Industry :

In the food industry there are various processes where Electromagnetic heating can be beneficial like Post bake drying and moisture control, Pasteurizing, Heating / coagulating, Sterilizing, Tempering, Defrosting, Softening, Melting, Roasting, Puffing, Rapid pre-heating, Moisture , oderating, Emptying, Pre cooking / partial cooking, Dehydration, Thermal processing, Cooking, Baking, Devitalization, Insect pests segregation, Thermal conservation, Shells removing, Roasting, Stabilization, Enzymatic inactivation, Blanching, Caramelization.

Advantages :

Our equipments are Safe, clean, hygienic and thus Eco-Friendly.( As per GMP Standards). As it can do Low temperature sterilization, so the original colour, smell, taste, shape & other flavours are preserved without use of harmful preservatives and extends the shelf life of the material. At the same time this technology kills all forms of life, including transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, etc.) present on a surface. The shelf life of the material can largely be extended and the reliance on preservatives can be reduced. Due to self contained heating cavity, workplace environment is more improved and secure at the same time there is no radiated heat loss.

Technology options available :

For every specific target substance or material, we provide different technological options to choose from. You can choose from Frequency (RF or Microwave), Batch type process (Replaces Tray Dryer).

Continuous conveyer dryer, Air / Hot air assisted drying, Vacuum assisted E-drying, Hybrid approach i.e. Used RF/MW technology in your pre-post stage of your existing plant.

Features :

» Controls can be Custom built specific to your environment, target substances
» Operation panel that is full of ease
» Design that helps for safe and easy operation and maintenance
» Minimized radio field leakage, made to international standards
» Pre-programmable Timer on the display for added ease and to avoid losses due to excess heating