Microwave Batch Oven (Industrial)

No matter what industry you are in or where you want to use our instruments because these are made to perform in diverse industries. You can use them into cytology labs, pathology labs, histology labs, industrial labs, hospital labs or agricultural food R&D labs. Versatility shape, form factor and convenient sizes make these machines to be able to fit perfectly ‘anywhere’. And that’s not all with power adjustment, designed for uniform heating to help up the various laboratory needs. Provision for heating/ drying in the inert environment can also be achieved in selected models.
Applications :  
 Pharmacy lab/ Production Scale  Assisted fixation, Moisture removing, Tablet drying.
 Medical laboratory  heating applications, ideal for immunochemistry, history, low volume pathology, Cytology
 Research & University  Antigen Retrieval, Removal of fixed tissues, Microwave tissue processing and cell images, Immuno-histo-chemistry / Immuno-cyto-chemistry, Heating applications in various insulating materials
 Laboratory/Production scale:  Chemical formulation under certain temperature, Ideal for chemical processing, Drying and moisture removing, fixing EM material samples using polymer based setting solutions, vulcanizing, Paper & Ink drying.
 Food Industries  Heating or temperature rise can be achieved without changing the important factor “TASTE”. Purification of food items or sanitization of food containers. Improvements in the food preservation techniques.
 Industrial quality labs  To study and understand the effect of temperature changes in the substance/ materials in order to maximize the performance of the product.
 Agriculture industries  To study and understand the effect of temperature changes in the substance/ materials in order to maximize the performance of the product.

Specifications :

Operating frequency : 2450 MHZ/2.45GHz
Output Power : Up to 9KW
Required Power : 230VAC/50HZ or 415 Volt/50Hz
Temperature accuracy : +/- 2.0 deg
Power variation : 100 watts to 9000 watts
Timer : Variable ( 0 – 999 minutes)
Cavity Dimension : As per user specification
Overall Dimension : As per user specification

Features :

This particular range of products is fully loaded with amazing features like 10 Manual adjustable power controls, Complete Stainless Steel Cavity, Provision for cavity fumes extraction. Cavity exhaust through chemically resistance duct, Microwave leakage as per (ANSI) C95.1 – 1966, Provision for easily replacement for temperature probe, Side Door Type, Electronic coated thick corrosion Resistance coating, Instant Microwave start (2-3 sec.), Microwave compatible feed through for ¼” ID tubing.

Optional Features :

This machine is made with precision for best performance. However if required and Pre-ordered we can make provision for Vacuum Pot, Automatic Power Control, Pull-down type door, Stirrer or turntable for Uniform heating. All in all we can provide a totally custom design to suit your needs.