Radio Frequency / Microwave Dryer - Batch Type


Features :

Completely Stainless Steel chambered - Batch Type Dryers have Microwave Magnetron from leading Brands with some more unique features like Temperature Indicator, Provision for RF/MW Choking, Provision for Timer, Power Control ranging from 10% to 100%, and has all required electrical & Thermal safety features for RF/MW generator. Above all, this can be designed completely custom and sized as per the end users requirement specifications.

Additional Features - Optional :

You can add to the performance of the machine by choosing from various additional optional features like Temperature control, Pulsating power, Hot air assisted RF/MW system, Heater temp control, Air assisted RF/MW system, Air velocity control, Vacuum assisted RF/MW system, Vacuum/pressure control, Alarm system after RF OFF, PLC base control system, Data logger with computer interface.